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Support Models 

Birth support is unique to each person and each labor. Doula support can be thought of in four ways: three-person tango, insurance policy, gopher, or very involved. Most births incorporate all four throughout the time together. A doula is good at reading the situation and changing the role as time flows on. 

Three-person tango, the partner and the doula work together to meet the needs of emotional and physical support for the laboring person. 

The doula's presence can be seen as an insurance policy. Laboring person and partner have a good rhythm and ritual to labor. The doula can hang back and offer verbal support. When options in care or perhaps a stall in labor come up. The doula can be your sounding board talking through your options, reminding you of your birth plan and innate ability to birth your baby. 

Labor progresses well when the brain is allowed to turn off the thinking part and go deeper. As a gopher, the doula can keep you supported by reminding you to eat snacks, drink water, and go to the bathroom. Also, make sure the partner is doing the same. The doula can also fetch hot or cold packs or other comfort items. 

Sometimes partners are more comfortable in a witness role or can not attend the birth due to scheduling or choice. The doula can offer a more hands-on, very involved role. 

Hi I'm Melissa 

Hi, I'm Melissa. I use she/they pronouns. I have been a birth worker since 2012 after having a great experience with our doula during the birth of our 3rd child. I took my first training in 2012 with DONA International. After working in our community for a few years, I took a sabbatical. During that time, I realized I genuinely cherish my work in the birth community. Wanting to return to this work, I took a second training in 2021 with Doulaing the Doula. I am passionate about offering Evidence-Based and culturally competent Care for all my clients.   I am also a Master Reiki Practioner. 

 In the face of ever-changing policies surrounding the current global pandemic, We do not judge families on their decision to be vaccinated or unvaccinated. We have chosen that vaccinations are necessary for our families. Therefore, we wanted to share that we are fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19. We comply with many hospital standards and emerging policies in Illinois and Wisconsin hospitals.
When I am not supporting clients, I can usually be found at home. We live on a small farm in Kenosha County with a few animals, gardens, and a tiny orchard. I continue to learn and grow in the farm-to-table community as a farmer and a chef. I am also an avid swimmer in both pool and open water. I also like to read, listen to various podcasts, go camping, or have meditative time on the front porch. 


Birth Doula Training DONA International 

Childbirth Educator Training Lamaze International 

CPR American Heart Association 

Certified Child Passenger Technician NHTSA

Reiki Master Practioner Sage the Soul

Birth Doula, Doulaing the Doula ( in progress) 

Continuing Education

Advanced Doula Training -DTD

Mental Health First Responder Training-KCHD

Crisis Response for Healthcare Workers -BADT

Queer & Trans Reproductive Support -BADT

Abortion Doula Support-BADT

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